The 21st century has observed the rapid rise of female escorts all around the world. Demand for the male escorts from the exclusive group of female clientele has observed a momentum in the latest era. The question arises, “Why are women paying for sex in the modern era?” Lack of proper companionship and the need for high-end intimate affairs with a hot, seductive man are driving modern women towards the escort agency as they shift their attention to hiring female escorts from different corners of the world.

In a recent survey of around 61 countries in the world, the experts found that men from different corners of the world are increasingly willing to serve women who hire them on an hourly basis. When it comes to hiring male escorts, the United Kingdom is known to top the list amongst all other countries. In the recent survey, it was found that over 50 percent of around 5,487 male escorts are known to cater to women & couples. With over 57 percent of the identified websites in the United Kingdom catering to male customers specifically, 11 percent of such websites are particularly meant for female clients. A similar number of websites are known to provide escort services to couples who are seeking intimate threesome experiences.

Women Hiring Male Escorts on the Rise

It is mostly assumed that men are the sole market leaders when it comes to hiring male escorts. However, the recent study has revealed that there is a significant emerging market for women who are willing to pay for receiving sexual services from men –especially male escorts.

A similar study found that in the recent era, the numbers of male Internet escorts have almost doubled in the United Kingdom over the period of the last 5 years. The overall number of individuals who are working in the modern escort industry is influenced by economic conditions & legislation in the country & its effective enforcement. Interestingly, individual female escort services are gaining a huge impetus amongst time-lonely and distraught professional women. This is due to the fact of increased economic as well as social freedom given to women along with the changing attitudes towards the male escort services & masculinity.

The Exclusive Provision of “Boyfriend Experiences” Through Female Escort Services

Recent research has revealed that in the United Kingdom along with other parts of the world, clients (especially women hiring female escort services) belong to a highly diverse group. As such, they come up with a variety of reasons for selecting commercial sexual encounters from reliable agencies providing exclusive female escort services. It has been observed that a large number of escorts that cater to both men as well as women emphasize the provision of non-erotic services, including quality companionship, boyfriend experiences, and others. This suggests the fact that sex is not the sole part of the female escort services in the United Kingdom. Top-quality service companionship & intimacy also hold great importance.

Most of the online escort service providers mention romance as well as counseling being a major part of the female escort service industry in the 21st century. Some of the additional services in the given range include personal coaching, companionship, massage therapy, and others. Roleplay along with fantasy service delivery is frequently specified as intimate activities for both males as well as female clients.

Citing an example of a male escort in London, the individual explains that when it comes to catering to the female clientele, it is all about compassion and affection –much more than physical intimacy. The female clients are in search of more tenderness, better understanding, and somebody to talk to. When it comes to physical intimacy, they are needed for more sex along with specific sexual acts or something completely new.

Over time, male escorts have also gained a good sense of professionalism. A professional escort from a reputed London female escort service agency is known to be turned up on time, be polite, and respectful. Women are increasingly becoming demanding and lookout for new ways when it comes to impressing them in beds. In addition to women, even couples are on the rise when it comes to availing modern escort services from a professional male escort.

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